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PatientlySpeaking releases new product that allows patients to pay their bill thru a text message

Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) September 7, 2016

The cell phone has become the primary means of communication for virtually everyone of all ages in America. In a recent survey by Pew Research Center, it was found that over 80% of adults text on their smart phones. But here comes the really important statistic – 98% of all text messages are opened versus only 20% of all email messages! Given this staggering fact, it makes sense to offer a product that will reach patients to enable paying their bills where they communicate – via text message.

PatientlySpeaking, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ntegrus Solutions, has taken this information to heart and has released their latest product, Pay My Bill Now, as an add-on to their Patient A/R Collection Platform. The new product uses the core texting communication capabilities of PatientlySpeaking, and adds the ability for a patient to simply click on a link in that text message to pay their bills. The patient is connected to a secure portal provided by our partner company, Maverick BankCard. The patients’ credit card information is communicated over a PCI compliant link directly to the payment gateway – never captured or visible to either the practice or PatientlySpeaking.

Read the complete release here.


PatientlySpeaking makes it easy for “No-Show” patients to reschedule their missed appointment

Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) June 10, 2016

PatientlySpeaking, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ntegrus Solutions, announces its newest enhancement to its patient communications platform – the ability for a medical practice to recall yesterday’s “No-Show” patients and encourage them to reschedule their missed appointments. The enhancement automatically captures the “No-Show” patients for the day, generates and initiates a reminder of their missed appointment the next morning, and provides them an easy way to reschedule their appointment.

“Let’s face it, we will never be able to reduce “No-Shows” completely. Even with sending appointment reminders, there are still times when a patient just will not show for an appointment for many reasons.”, said Tom Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder at Ntegrus Solutions. “But instead of just ignoring the patient, we believe it’s better to reach out to them, the day after their missed appointment, allowing them to reschedule their appointment. This enables a Practice to easily capture potentially lost revenue, and at the same time lets their patients know that the Practice still appreciates their business.”

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The plain fact is they are not. So how does your service handle that?

Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) May 1, 2016

Text messages don’t always make it through to their intended destination for a variety of reasons (device turned off, handset issues, etc.). Up till now, that meant your patient never received a reminder of their appointment. This causes two problems for you – an increase in no shows and an unhappy patient. PatientlySpeaking has the only solution to this growing issue.

By verifying whether the text has actually reached the patient’s phone, our software can seamlessly initiate a call to reach the patient when they do not receive the text. In the vast majority of cases where a phone was not reachable by text, the call will either go through or allow for a message to be left. The end result is that the reminder gets delivered, the patient shows up, and your revenue is preserved.

Read the complete release here.


Automated Appointment Reminders can be sent for the PracticePro™ solution

Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) March 28, 2016

PatientlySpeaking, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ntegrus Solutions LLC, has announced it has completed its testing of processing appointment reminders from MTBC’s practice management solution PracticePro™. The first practice using PatientlySpeaking to send appointment reminders for PracticePro™ went live on March 21, 2016.

“Because of the way PatientlySpeaking is designed, adding a practice management solution like PracticePro™ is a relatively simple task.”, said Tom Fitzpatrick, CTO at Ntegrus Solutions. “As long as the practice management solution can produce a printed daily appointment report, our product PatientlySpeaking can support it”.

Read the complete release here.


Communicating Appointment and Overdue Payment Reminders in the patients preferred language reduces No-Shows and increases past-due payments

Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) January 20, 2016

PatientlySpeaking, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ntegrus Solutions, announces its newest enhancement to its patient communications platform – the ability for a medical practice or billing company to communicate to their patients in their preferred language. The enhancement includes the ability to call the patient in their preferred language as well as being able to send text messages in their language of choice.

“We believe that communicating in a patient’s preferred language significantly improves the outcome of the message being delivered to the patient.”, said Tom Fitzpatrick, CTO at Ntegrus Solutions. “The only requirement we have for using this new feature is for someone at the practice to be able to speak and write in the chosen language.”

Read the complete release here.


Over One Million Appointment And A/R Courtesy Call Reminders Sent To Kareo Patients

Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) December 29, 2015

PatientlySpeaking announced that in December 2015, it had successfully processed over 1,000,000 automated appointment and A/R past-due courtesy calls for it’s customers using the Kareo Medical Software system. This was a major milestone for the product and it’s parent company Ntegrus Solutions, as it continues to see a significant growth in the delivery of both call and text reminder messages in the upcoming year.

“Focusing on large Medical Billing companies this year has had a significant impact on the increase in both calls and texts being sent by our product” according to Brian Cafferty, CEO of PatientlySpeaking. “In the upcoming year, we will continue to sign up  and provide a cost-friendly and extremely reliable service to the small to medium size practice, while continuing to engage additional Medical Billing companies around the country.”

Read the complete release here.


Appointment Reminders and Recall Notifications can be initiated automatically using your own personally recorded messages.

Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) April 25, 2015

PatientlySpeaking, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ntegrus Solutions, has announced it has completed its integration with the Aprima Medical Software platform. This process now allows medical practices to efficiently pull information from their Aprima system regarding patients and future appointment dates that can be seamlessly passed into PatientlySpeaking’s automated appointment reminder system. This capability additionally allows for the creation of timely and effective reminder and recall messages to draw patients back into your practice doors.

“Our integration to Aprima should open the door for thousands of new practices to benefit from automated appointment reminders.”, said Tom Fitzpatrick, CTO at Ntegrus Solutions. “We especially want to thank the team at the 6 locations of Baytown Family Clinic for working with us to get the integration up and running.”

Read the complete release here.