PatientlySpeaking Now Available To All Kareo Users

PatientlySpeaking Now Available To All Kareo Users

Full integration with the Kareo Medical Software system has been completed

Westlake Village,California (PR MediaRelease) March 24, 2015


PatientlySpeaking has announced its full integration with the Kareo Medical Software system. This process allows medical practices to efficiently pull information from their Kareo programs regarding patients and future appointment dates that can be seamlessly entered into PatientlySpeaking’s software database. This capability allows for the creation of timely and effective reminder messages to draw patients back into your practice doors.

PatientlySpeaking has continually provided hundreds of clients a cost-friendly and extremely reliable service that they have found to be exceptionally valuable to their business and in being able to keep in contact with all of their patients/clients on a monthly basis through the use of customizable automated phone calls and text messages. Some of the value PatientlySpeaking's services have been able to provide have come from the ability to drastically reduce “no show” percentages by as much as 33% on a consistent basis. Reductions in “no shows” alone, have led to major increases in business revenues for clients as well as providing a much more hands on feel to the patient/ doctor relationships that PatientlySpeaking's clients strive to maintain.

The company has positioned its brand to provide a service designed for its clients to create consistency in dealing with their patients through the use of automated systems month in and month out. PatientlySpeaking continues to innovate its product line to further meet the needs of its clientele and projects company growth of over 100 additional new medical practices for 2015.

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