Patient Recall Notifications

Repeat Business

You have been working hard to promote your practice over the last few years. Every patient represents the potential for repeat business. Yet often, patients won’t book that next appointment in advance. So how do you handle that? Especially with limited staff, this necessity gets treated as a chore instead of the valuable asset it is.

Simple Reminders

Enter PatientlySpeaking. We can work with your EHR system and your staff to quickly identify who should be called to “remind” them that they are do for their next visit. By actively communicating with your patient base you can help ensure a steady flow of patients through your office. Many folks will simply lose track of when they are do in, but once they receive that call, they will act. With PatientlySpeaking they will be reminded of the need to follow-up and be immediately given the option to connect directly to the office and make an appointment – an efficient and highly cost effective way to keep your office bookings full.

Additional Opportunities

Additionally, certain EHR systems can track procedures and you can use those to trigger additional follow-up appointments or to notify patients that it is time to reorder supplies or other accessories that you may provide. By utilizing this service, you will see the increase in revenue and timing. The goal is to help bring consistency to your revenue stream in a cost efficient manner – and to not increase your office workload.


Call all my patients that have not been seen in (6 months, 1 year, etc) and remind them to contact us to schedule an appointment.